Thai woman vs British man in altercation in Isaan (video)

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A Thai woman accused a British man of harassing and threatening her with a gun at her restaurant Madam Chickan in the Isaan province of Buriram. In response, the foreigner defended himself, alleging that the woman was involved in passport fraud.

The 38 year old Thai woman, Komkhai, sought help from Channel 7 alleging that the 55 year old British man, Stephen Anthony Cleverley, attempted to physically assault her. She also shared CCTV footage of the attempted assault.

In the video, Cleverley was captured engaging in a heated argument with Komkhai at the restaurant. Komkhai’s boyfriend intervened, instructing the British man to back off. Another video depicted Cleverley riding a motorcycle directly into Komkhai’s restaurant, narrowly avoiding hitting a seated customer.

Speaking to Channel 7, Komkhai disclosed that she had known the British man for quite some time, having previously assisted him in sourcing construction materials for his cannabis farm. However, she distanced herself from him due to his short temper and stubborn personality.

Komkhai recounted that on April 12, Cleverley got into an argument with one of her customers and attempted to crash his motorcycle into them. Consequently, she banned Cleverley from visiting her restaurant, which further exacerbated the situation.

Komkhai alleges that Cleverley continued to threaten her at the restaurant and returned on May 3 with a gun. She had to close her restaurant because of worries over the safety of herself and her customers.

Immigration Bureau officers summoned Cleverley to Mueang Buriram Police Station for questioning yesterday, May 6. Cleverley claimed during the questioning that Komkhai swindled more than 10,000 baht from him.

According to Cleverley, Komkhai offered passport services but failed to deliver them despite receiving payment. He also claims she refused to return important documents.

Mueang Buriram Police Station confirmed that Cleverley previously filed a complaint against Komkhai, accusing her of passport fraud. This case remains under investigation.

Police revealed that Komkhai has a history of dating multiple foreign men, giving her connections within the foreign community, especially among restaurant owners in Thailand. She allegedly offered passport services to several of them.

Officers have promised to ensure justice for both parties based on the evidence presented.

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