Taxi tango: Thai woman dances on moving cab in Pattaya (video)

Photo courtesy of Pattaya News

A jaw-dropping video clip has taken Thai social media by storm, featuring a Thai woman climbing onto the roof of a moving taxi and dancing right in front of the Pattaya Police Station.

In the 19-second viral clip, the daring dancer, clad in a short skirt and bra, initially appears to be crossing Pattaya Beach Road. Out of nowhere, she leaps onto the roof of a slowing taxi and begins to dance. The video’s caption aptly describes the scene:

“Dancing on the car roof, a bold move right in front of the police station!”

The taxi, driven by Sekanarong Phalertsiriram, immediately pulls over to the side of the road. The woman then climbs down and casually walks away as if nothing had happened.

Following the bizarre incident, local reporters flocked to the scene early yesterday morning, June 25, in front of the Pattaya Police Station. The taxi driver, Sekanarong recounted the event, explaining that around midnight on Monday, June 24, he had slowed down, thinking the woman was going to cross the street.

To his astonishment, she climbed onto his car’s roof and began to dance. Fearing she might fall, he quickly pulled over. Once the taxi stopped, the woman climbed down and walked away without a word.

Sekanarong visited the police station the next morning to report the incident. Officers asked if he wanted to press charges, but he declined since there was no damage to his vehicle.

He was uncertain if the woman was intoxicated or mentally ill but mentioned his belief in a protective spirit that watches over his car. To ward off any potential bad luck, he took the vehicle for a thorough cleaning the next morning, reported Pattaya News.

In related news, Mueang Pattaya Police Station officers plan to close a motorcycle taxi shelter outside Central Pattaya shopping mall after a gang attack on a Russian man on Saturday. Previous incidents involving attacks on foreigners have been reported, with Pattaya residents likening the behaviour of the motorcycle taxi drivers to that of a mafia gang.

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