Thai woman accuses colleague of poisoning her with cleaning fluid

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A Thai woman accused her colleague of poisoning her by adding bathroom cleaner to her drinking water. The water is being tested to identify the dangerous substances.

The victim’s daughter, Niparpon Suwanphan, shared pictures of her mother, 57 year old Anong Suwanphan, in hospital and said in the caption that Anong was admitted to the hospital after drinking water with bathroom cleaner.

According to Niparpon, Anong’s co-worker, who had a long dispute with her mother, secretly poured the cleaning fluid into Anong’s tumbler. Niparpon said the doctor confirmed that there were toxins in her mother’s stomach.

Niparpon later updated that her mother was admitted to the hospital on December 23 and left on December 25 but still needs further treatment.

The story caught the attention of many Thai netizens. Many offered encouragement to Anong, while others urged Niparpon to pursue the case against her mother’s colleague to the fullest.

Anong later gave an interview with ThaiRath yesterday, December 26, that she was a maid at a tea shop in the Thung Song district in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. She felt sick, dizzy, and had a severe sore throat after drinking water. So, she took a sick leave to take a rest at home.

On her way home by motorbike, Anong’s symptoms worsened. She decided to stop at her son’s workplace and asked him to take her to the hospital.

Anong believed that her colleague poisoned her because she acted suspiciously before the incident. The colleague spent a long time in the staff room at the back of the shop. She thought the colleague might have put some poisonous substances in her tumbler at the time.

Anong’s lawyer, Piyawat Siriphanpong, told the media that the doctor found toxins in Anong’s system. The water in the tumbler was then sent to a laboratory for further testing for toxins.

Piyawat said Anong’s colleague could be charged with attempted murder if the toxic substance was confirmed to be the same as that found in the victim’s system and the cleaning liquid at the tea shop. The matter was already reported to the Thung Song Police Station.

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