Thai tuk tuk driver fails to help Vietnamese woman after fatal fall

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A Thai tuk tuk driver fled the scene after a 76 year old Vietnamese woman fell out of his vehicle in the Isaan province of Udon Thani. The driver claimed he did not notice the passenger falling, and unfortunately, she later died en route to the hospital.

Udon Thani Hospital Rescue Team was alerted to the incident around 3.30pm on April 9 and rushed to the scene on Nittayo Road. The woman, later identified as 76 year old Vietnamese national Bui Thi Nhung, was found lying on the road.

A Thai nurse, 34 year old Pilanee Deenin, and a Thai soldier, 39 year old Morrakot Krotsuno, were administrating CPR on Nhung when the rescue team arrived. Meanwhile, other motorists and witnesses attempted to rouse the woman by calling out to her.

Nhung’s pulse eventually returned, prompting the rescue team to swiftly transport her to the hospital for further treatment. Sadly, Nhung passed away during the journey to the hospital.

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Morrakot revealed to Naewna that he drove behind the tuk tuk and saw her fall off. He saw Nhung lying unconscious on the road while Pilanee rushed to provide her CPR. Morrakot said he immediately contacted the rescue team and then went to help Pilanee.

Morrakot disclosed that the tuk tuk driver did not stop to assist Nhung and immediately fled the scene. Pilanee also expressed her disappointment saying the tuk tuk driver was cruel, leaving an old woman lying on the road like that.

Driver defends himself

Officers from Mueang Udon Thani Police Station reported that the Vietnamese woman might have succumbed to heatstroke due to the high temperature that day.

The driver, 64 year old Boonluea, turned himself in at the police station yesterday, April 10, claiming he only realised what had happened after reaching the destination, Ek-udon Hospital. On returning to the scene he saw the woman lying on the road.

Boonluea admitted to feeling shocked but chose not to stop and help the woman. He hurriedly informed his family about the situation and later proceeded to the hospital to check on the woman, only to discover that she had already passed away.

The Thai authorities have yet to file charges against Boonluea and are in the process of gathering additional information from witnesses. Additionally, they are endeavouring to contact Nhung’s family members and will coordinate with the Vietnam Embassy in Thailand to notify her family about the tragic incident.

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