Thai tourism operators brace for impending annual low season

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Thailand is set to face its annual tourism low season, warned Sisdivachr Cheewarattanaporn, the leading figure of the Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA).

The transition into the low season comes after the country’s Songkran Holidays, a peak period for tourism. This shift leaves tourism operators grappling with the challenge of keeping their businesses afloat during the lull in tourist arrivals.

Sisdivachr underscored the need for these businesses to explore alternative tourism opportunities to sustain their operations.

This cycle of peak and low seasons is a recurrent pattern in the Thai tourism sector, which has not seen any significant changes in the past ten years.

As the low season sets in, Sisdivachr noted a gradual decline in tourists from western, eastern, and European regions.

However, he pointed out that visitors from China were an exception to this trend, thanks to the current visa exemption agreement between the two countries.

“The low season traditionally sees a strong presence of tourists from Taiwan and India.”

Despite the allure of the World Songkran Festival 2024 events in Thailand, the number of Chinese tourists during this period was relatively low. High flight ticket costs were identified as a contributing factor. However, Sisdivachr remained optimistic about the overall trend of Chinese tourism in Thailand.

“On average, we see about 20,000 to 22,000 Chinese tourists visiting Thailand daily, which is a positive sign.”

“If this trend continues until the fourth quarter of 2024, we are likely to meet the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) target of 8 million Chinese visitors by year-end.”

Sisdivachr also touched upon the potential impact of global events on Thailand’s tourism sector, highlighting the ongoing Middle East conflict between Israel and Iran.

“If the conflict escalates, it will undoubtedly affect the global economy, and inevitably, Thailand’s tourism economy.”

While the low season presents its set of challenges, Thai tourism operators are tasked with finding innovative approaches to maintain their businesses during this period.

The reliance on a strong tourist presence from countries like Taiwan, India, and China underscores the importance of diverse tourist demographics in sustaining Thailand’s vibrant tourism sector.

The global geopolitical landscape also continues to influence the ebb and flow of tourism, underscoring the need for operators to stay abreast of international developments, reported Sanook.

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