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Thai street food seller comes up with Mango Pad Kra Pao to follow Mango Sticky Rice fever

Photo via กะเพราปากแตก ศิลปากร

WARNING: This looks spicy!!

To keep up with the current mango fever in Thailand, a food seller has offered a fusion dish, Mango Pad Kra Pao, and invited his customers to try it. The dish went viral on Thai social media, and many tried cooking it at home.

The young Thai rapper, Danupa “Milli” Kanateerakul, created the mango fever in Thailand after she ate the Mango Sticky Rice during her performance at California’s Coachella Festival 2022. The trend boosted local Thai businesses and helped farmers extend their product markets.

Mango Sticky Rice has sold out at almost every dessert shop in Thailand, or has caused a surge in prices for the popular Thai dish. But the owner of a savoury food shop, Jeh Boy Kra Pao Pak Taek, in the central province of Nakhon Pathom wanted to capitalise on the trend, but he couldn’t serve the popular dish (we don’t know why).

So, he came up with his own take on a mango-inspired dish. Ta da!! Mango Pad Kra Pao. He then advertised it on his Facebook and TikTok accounts. His dish went viral on Thai social media, and other shops tried selling it too.

Some tried cooking it at home and said that the dish tasted better than they thought. People say that the Mango Pad Kra Pao was a perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty tastes (and spicy!). It was something that everyone had to try by themselves, according to replies on social media. The shop owner told Thai media that he cooked it for fun at first. However, if any customers wanted to try it, he would be very willing to cook it.

SOURCE: Dailynews

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