Thai police officer allegedly faked marriage certificate and swindles money from woman

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An angry Thai woman accused a police officer in the northern province of Lamphun of forging a fake marriage certificate and defrauding more than 300,000 baht from her and her mother.

The 39 year old woman named Aut urged Thai news agencies to help her seek justice after she and her mother lost more than 300,000 baht to a police sub-lieutenant in the traffic division of a police station in Lamphun province. Aut believed the total amount she spent looking after him during their three-year relationship was over 500,000 baht.

Aut revealed she met the police officer in 2020. He stayed at her house every weekend and had a close relationship with her family. In the beginning, the officer told her that his salary was not enough to cover his daily expenses, so he borrowed money from Aut.

The amount he borrowed increased more and more, from a thousand to 50,000 baht each time. He claimed he had to fill his police car with fuel, adding sometimes that he lost a fine paid by a suspect and had to pay it back to the police station.

Aut revealed that the police officer asked to borrow 300,000 baht, saying that the Lamphun Provincial Police Cooperative was in financial trouble. Aut said she wanted to make sure their relationship was stable before lending him that much, so he asked the officer to sign the marriage certificate with her.

According to Aut, the officer agreed. While waiting for the certificate, she found out that the officer borrowed 300,000 baht from her mother. The man forged their marriage certificate and showed it to her mother to convince her to give him the money.

Legal wife

Aut said she was angry with the police officer after finding out the truth. She could not find a solution to the problem and decided to forgive him in the hope that he would pay back the money. The officer promised to pay back but instead continued to borrow money from Aut.

The problem did not end with the finances as Aut received a phone call from another woman on January 17 claiming to be the officer’s legal wife. Aut tried to contact her alleged husband to clarify the matter but he blocked all her contact.

Aut said she did not know whether the woman was his real wife or he just made up the story to get rid of her. She decided to bring the matter to public attention because she wanted the Royal Thai Police (RTP) to investigate the matter and for the officer to take responsibility.

Channel 7 reported that the police officer and his superior had not yet come forward to clarify the matter. Aut also planned to file a complaint with the relevant department to have the officer expelled from the RTP if her complaint was ignored.

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