Thai police net 966 in nationwide operation against illegal firearms

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In a month-long nationwide operation spanning from July 1, Thai police have succeeded in apprehending 966 individuals and seizing a notable amount of illegal firearms and ammunition. The operation’s deputy leader, Police General Torsak Sukwimol, delivered an update on the progress on Sunday.

As of July 21, officers have sought out 1,658 targets across the country, netting nearly a thousand suspects. The operation has led to the confiscation of 911 unauthorised firearms, an impressive 44,540 assorted rounds of ammunition, two explosives and 6,239 methamphetamine tablets.

In one particularly risky raid in the Khao Phanom district of Krabi province, officers circled a property belonging to a 28 year old prime suspect known only as Boom. The man was already under three warrants relating to drug offences and an attempted murder charge. Surrounded, Boom made a desperate escape attempt on a motorcycle. When pursued, he engaged the pursuing officers with gunfire, said Police General Torsak. Unfortunately, the ensuing exchange ended in the suspect’s death. Found close to his fallen body were further alarming items: a 9mm Mauser pistol, an M67 hand grenade and two smoke grenades, reported by Bangkok Post.

This extensive operation, focusing on illegal firearms, hitmen and unauthorised weapon trades, is set to run until July 30 under the watchful eyes of Assistant Police Chief Police Lieutenant General Samran Nualma. Multiple police entities, including the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Provincial Police Regions 1-9, Central Investigation Bureau, Narcotic Suppression Bureau, Tourist Police Bureau, Immigration Police Bureau, Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau and Border Patrol Police, are providing support and invaluable information.

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