Thai police crackdown on online illicit firearms dealers and fraudsters

Picture courtesy of The Pattaya News

A significant operation targeting dealers in illicit firearms operating on virtual platforms has led to the Thai central investigation officers conducting a series of raids across Thailand. Yesterday, the officers implemented raids in 21 locations spanning 12 provinces, resulting in the arrest of eight suspects and the seizure of 12 units of diverse firearms.

Unexpectedly, one of the detainees, 42 year old Apichet, was believed to have supplied ammunition to a 14 year old boy involved in a shooting incident at Siam Paragon. The ammunition was allegedly sold to the teen via an online platform. The central investigation police confirmed this link during the press conference.

Moreover, the police uncovered a group of eight individuals who were exploiting online platforms to conduct fraudulent activities. The central investigation officers reported that these suspects confessed to creating fake accounts on Facebook and Twitter with the illicit intention of selling firearms. However, in reality, they were scamming potential customers. The fraudsters would accept payments for the non-existent firearms and then disappear, leaving the customers deceived and out of pocket, reported The Pattaya News.

It is estimated that over 180 people fell victim to this fraudulent scheme, with the total value of the scam exceeding 650,000 baht (US$18,748). This discovery has further underlined the need for tighter cyber-security measures and vigilance among online users.

In response to these illicit activities, the Thai police initiated an operation to block URLs associated with the sale of illegal firearms on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. During this month alone, 146 URLs were successfully shut down.

The Thai police have made a firm commitment to the public, pledging to maintain their efforts to combat illegal firearms dealing on online platforms. This commitment is in line with their ongoing mission to prevent future crimes and ensure the safety of residents, tourists and expats living in Thailand.

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