Thai police boost security for Valentine’s Day to protect minors

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Valentine’s Day in Thailand will see heightened security measures at motels and nightlife venues, as announced by the Royal Thai Police (RTP). This action comes as a bid to protect minors from potential risks.

RTP Deputy Spokesperson Police Colonel Chanchai Rattanapanich revealed on Tuesday that national police chief Police General Torsak Sukvimol prioritised the safety of the youth on Valentine’s Day. In response to his concern, all RTP agencies are now tasked with increased vigilance to detect and prevent crimes against children, primarily sexual offences and disputes, with a particular focus on high-risk areas.

Increased screening at road checkpoints near venues such as pubs, motels, and internet cafes has been implemented. The aim is to scrutinise motorists and teenagers to reduce the likelihood of violence, apprehend individuals carrying illegal items, and discourage unlawful street racing.

Entertainment venues will be subject to stringent regulations to prevent violations such as extended opening hours, admitting underage customers, obscene performances, and illegal drug use. In addition, motels nationwide have been strongly encouraged to deny accommodation to minors.

Parents have been advised by the police to supervise their children closely, caution them about potential risks, and warn them against accepting food or beverages from strangers, which could contain date rape drugs.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Trairong Phewphan, chief of the RTP’s Forensic Science Office, highlighted that over 300 cases of drug-facilitated sexual assault have been reported since 2021, with the majority occurring in Bangkok. He further explained that date rape drugs can result in seizures, slow heart rate, slow breathing, and even coma, reported Bangkok Post.

In a related endeavour to promote safe sex among Thai youth, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation Thailand (AHF) and the Nawamintharachinuthis Horwang Nonthaburi School hosted an event called ‘Condoms are Always in Style’ yesterday. The event, marking International Condom Day 2024, sought to increase awareness about the importance of condom usage among Thai youth, as it can prevent HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases, and unintended pregnancies.

Kristian Arayawongchai, the AHF country programme director, expressed concern over the recent data which showed alarming figures of 9,230 new HIV infections among Thai youth. Half of these cases were found in the age group of 15-24 years, with the current rates of condom usage observed to be low.

The event included interactive activities, such as games demonstrating the perils of unprotected sex and the benefits of using condoms.

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