Thai office party costume contest goes viral with 40,000 baht win

A new year’s office party in Thailand has taken social media by storm, with a viral video showcasing an extravagant costume competition based on the Thai soft power theme. With a staggering first prize of 40,000 baht, the event featured employees going all out with their costumes, including elaborate representations of local landmarks such as Samila Beach’s mermaid statue and the renowned Wat Rong Khun temple.

The festive event shared on the TikTok account of nickie_hps, displayed a fierce contest among the participants, who brought their game with creatively crafted outfits. It was the costume of The Mermaid Statue from Samila Beach that ultimately bagged the top prize, winning a cash reward of over 40,000 baht. The second prize of 25,000 baht went to the individual dressed as Wat Rong Khun, showing the high stakes and the remarkable efforts put into the competition.

The victorious Mermaid of Samila Beach revealed in a comment that creating the winning costume took three days and a budget of around 4,000 baht, proving to be a worthwhile investment with the hefty prize money. The preparation for the event was no small feat, as the costume was delivered to the venue in a closed pickup truck, followed by meticulous body painting to mimic the mermaid statue’s features, down to the very last detail.

As the clip spread across social media platforms, netizens expressed their admiration for the creativity and craftsmanship on display. Comments poured in, praising the dedication and suggesting that the mermaid costume’s creator should consider starting a business, underscoring the high level of competition, with the first prize being a substantial 40,000 baht.

The video’s popularity is a testament to the innovative spirit and the vibrant company culture that encourages such displays of creativity and fun. The overwhelming response from the online community highlights the event’s success and the participants’ boundless enthusiasm for bringing their imaginative ideas to life, reported KhaoSod.

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