Thai market trader extorted by fake officers for 20,000 baht

Four men, posing as officers from the Crime Suppression Division, extorted a 39 year old market trader, known as Ta, of 20,000 baht. The incident occurred on January 9 when the man, without showing any legal identification or paperwork, confiscated about 20 fashion bags from his stall at a local flea market.

Ta explained that the men proceeded to lead him to a black Toyota pickup truck with an unknown registration number. They examined his mobile phone to prevent him from recording any audio or secretly filming the incident.

On reaching his accommodation, the group circled the building before parking on the roadside. They then asked Ta if he could contact anyone to clear his debt otherwise he would have to pay a fine. When Ta enquired about the amount, the men demanded 20,000 baht. Ta promptly borrowed the money from his mother-in-law and transferred it to the account provided by the men.

After the transfer, the men released him but only returned seven bags, claiming the rest were seized as evidence. They also informed Ta that they would be collecting monthly payments from his stall, without specifying the exact sum. This ordeal has left Ta and his wife too frightened to reopen their bag shop.

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Furthermore, Ta expressed his doubts about whether the men were actual police officers and sought help from the media to investigate the account he transferred money to and the contact line the men provided.

“I’m afraid to reopen my shop since that day, and my wife and I have no income. Plus, I don’t have money to repay my mother-in-law who lent me the money to pay the fine to these men.”

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the criminal activities that can occur in local markets, leaving small traders vulnerable to such fraudulent acts, reported KhaoSod.

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