Thai man stalked for 5 years by foreigner fluent in Thai, police unable to act

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A man from Thailand took to social media to reveal that he had been stalked for five years by a foreigner who could speak Thai. He also stated that the police were unable to apprehend the foreigner as the case did not qualify as a blatant offence.

Preecha Kaiyasa took to TikTok to share a video of the moment when he confronted the foreign man at his dormitory in Bangkok. In the video, Preecha can be heard asking a female friend to call the security guard while insisting that the foreign man leave immediately. He said in the video…

“Go, go, go! I am calling the security guard to take you away. This is a privacy threat! This is my place. I have no feelings for you. Go away!”

Preecha’s female friend tried to intervene and asked the man to leave, but he refused, claiming that he and Preecha knew each other. The foreign man said in the video…

“We know each other. When will you be available to talk to me? When? Why do you hate me so much?”

Preecha said that he did not know the foreign man and accused him of being a stalker. Preecha’s female friend seemed to know the foreign man. She called him Kandy and revealed that Preecha and the foreigner were friends before.

Preecha kept recording the video and kept saying in the video that the foreign man was a stalker and even followed him to his family’s house outside of Bangkok. The video ended when two security guards arrived and escorted the foreign man away. Watch the video HERE.

Preecha gave an interview about the issue with KhaoSod saying he met the foreign man when he and his friend were exercising at a public park about five years ago. The foreign man stalked him since then and even visited his family house in the northern province of Nakhon Panom.

According to Preecha, the man created a fake Facebook account and sent him messages…

“You and I belong to each other. We are soulmates from a past life. I knew it from God.”

Preecha stated that he lodged a complaint with the police regarding the foreign man, but they were unable to take legal action against him as the offence did not meet the criteria for a blatant violation of the law.

Preecha expressed fear and planned to vacate the dormitory as he is concerned that the foreigner might return. Numerous Thai netizens commented on the video, with some claiming that the foreign man posed a threat to Preecha, while others believed that there could be more to the story. They urged Preecha to disclose additional information and clarify the matter with transparency. Thai Tiktokers commented…

“He is like Dahmer from the series on Netflix! It is good that nothing happened and you are safe.”

“I think there must be something more than this. How does he know where you live and where your family lives?”


“I saw this foreign man several times when I went to exercise at Santiphap Park (in Bangkok).”

“I want to listen to the foreign man’s side too.”

In many cases, authorities tend to overlook stalking complaints if the victims are unable to provide concrete evidence of being threatened or physically assaulted. This creates a loophole that often leads victims to drop charges against their offenders, and unfortunately, the stalking behaviour can escalate to more dangerous actions.

Thai man stalked for 5 years by foreigner fluent in Thai, police unable to act | News by Thaiger

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