Thai man arrested for theft on Rama II Road in Samut Sakhon

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A man caught stealing a transformer along Rama II Road in Samut Sakhon has been arrested.

The suspect, 44 year old Sirichai (surname withheld), claimed unemployment drove him to commit the crime.

Police Colonel Phakphon Suchon and Police Captain Kla Sombatpiboon, from the Highway Police Division 2, arrested the suspect while he was using tools to dismantle the transformer on the roadside. Sirichai was caught red-handed at kilometre 27 of Rama II Road in Tha Sai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Sakhon.

Police seized a 100-kilovolt-ampere (22,000 V) transformer, an adjustable wrench, and locking pliers from the scene. This arrest follows multiple reports of thefts along Rama II Road, where culprits have stolen electrical equipment and wires, leading to traffic signal outages and accidents.

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“The thefts have been causing significant disruptions, including power outages and non-functioning traffic signals, which are extremely dangerous. In some instances, these incidents have led to accidents, resulting in injuries and fatalities.”

The Highway Police have been intensifying their patrols and vigilance in the area following these reports. The arrest occurred while the suspect was in the act of removing the transformer, having already taken it down from the utility pole.

During the police interrogation, Sirichai admitted to the theft, explaining that his unemployment situation drove him to dismantle the transformer to sell its parts. Police have since handed him over to the Mueang Samut Sakhon Police Station for further legal action.

The highway police have been actively monitoring the area to prevent such crimes, given the severe implications of these thefts on public safety. The stolen transformers and electrical equipment are vital for maintaining traffic signals and street lighting, and their absence poses a significant hazard to road users.

Sirichai confessed during questioning that he was driven by desperation.

“I had no job and needed money, so I decided to steal the transformer to sell its components.”

The theft of electrical equipment, particularly transformers, is a growing concern. These devices are essential for converting high-voltage electricity from power lines to lower voltages suitable for use in homes and businesses. Their removal not only leads to power outages but also creates dangerous situations on the roads.

Local police urge the public to report any suspicious activity around electrical infrastructure to help prevent further incidents, reported KhaoSod.

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