Thai female lawyers fight for right to wear trousers to court

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The Human Rights Lawyers Association today will submit another letter to the Office of the Thai Bar Under the Royal Patronage after Thai female lawyers failed to get a response to their right to wear trousers in court petition.

The group of Thai female lawyers addressed a petition, for their right to wear trousers in court, to the Thai Bar last December, but have yet to receive a reply. So, today at 2pm the group will submit another letter and a list of names supporting the move.

As stated in lawyer etiquette, the dress code for female lawyers to court is to wear a skirt, dress and closed-toe shoes, and avoid any colorful clothing.

Thai female lawyers face the wrath of a court judge if they deviate from the code or wear trousers to court. Failing to observe the code could lead to a 3-year license suspension or revocation.

A group of Thai female lawyers, the Human Right Lawyers Association, and a Facebook page, Nitihub, want to change that code saying the etiquette isn’t fair to women and contrary to the modern community.

They submitted a letter to the Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand and the Thai Bar Under the Royal Patronage on December 8 last year. The group also generated a campaign on nameก ทนายความหญิงมีสิทธิสวมกางเกงไปศาล for female lawyers’ right to wear trousers to court.

The group invited people to sign their petition. The target is 20,000 signatures, and the campaign has managed about 16,500 up to now.

The group will submit the letter to the Office of the Thai Bar Under the Royal Patronage again today at around 2pm. The Facebook page Nitihub wants all female participants behind the change to wear trousers and come and give their support at 16 Kanchanaphisek Rd, Bang Ramat, Taling Chan.

SOURCE: Thairath | Sanook

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