Thai cult leader condemned for performing oral sex on followers

Photo via Facebook/ อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 6

Thai netizens condemned a cult leader for performing an explicit ritual by laying gold leaves on the private parts of his followers and kissing and performing oral sex on them to improve their fortunes.

A video of a Thai man performing the strange gold leaf ritual went viral and received a lot of attention from netizens on social media. Some found the ritual funny, while others found it disgusting and highly inappropriate.

The video showed a Thai man, believed to be the cult leader, performing the unusual ritual of placing gold leaves on the bottom of a woman. He then rubbed the gold all over the woman’s behind, especially her anus. While touching her, the man was seen chanting to summon charm and good luck to the woman.

What stunned netizens even more was the end of the ritual, when the cult leader blew and licked the woman’s bottom.

Not stopping at the buttocks, the leader also performed the ritual on the genitals of his followers. From the pictures shared on his Facebook account, most of the followers who opted to have their genitals enhanced for charm and luck were men. In essence, the cult leader ended his ritual by performing oral sex on the men.

Performing rituals by placing gold leaves on parts of the body is quite common and popular in Thailand. Some people believe that the ritual will improve bring them good luck, and make them successful in life. However, these rituals are mostly performed on people’s faces. Doing it on the private parts is considered indecent by many people.

Adding a spicy twist to the plot, some netizens claimed that the cult leader featured in the video was also an OnlyFans creator, sharing explicit content on various platforms. His sex videos have been reportedly leaked and shared on Twitter. It was reported that he sometimes shares explicit images and videos on his Facebook account as well.

The relevant government departments have not yet stepped forward to intervene in this strange ritual but the videos did spark an online debate on whether he was breaking the law.

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