Thai Airways profits nearly tripled in last year’s final quarter | Thailand News Today

Thailand is making headlines in the news for a variety of reasons. Thailand‘s national carrier, Thai Airways, saw a dramatic increase in profits in the last quarter of the year, nearly tripling their profits. This is great news for the country, as it is a sign of economic growth and stability.

In addition, Thailand has strengthened its tourism ties with China in a highprofile meeting. This is a positive step forward for both countries, as it will open up more opportunities for travelers and businesses alike.

Unfortunately, the tourism industry in Koh Lipe has suffered a major setback due to a protest by local fisherfolk. This has resulted in a 10 million baht loss for the industry.

Overall, Thailand is making news for a variety of reasons, from economic growth to tourism ties with China, and from protests to tragic events. Thailand news is always worth keeping an eye on, as it is a country full of potential and opportunity.

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