Teens arrested with guns after Bangkok motorcycle chase

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Police arrested four teenagers carrying weapons after a motorcycle chase in Bangkok. The teens confessed to buying guns online for self-defence against rivals. The incident occurred today, June 21, at 8.30am when police received a report of armed teenagers riding motorcycles.

The suspects were identified as 16 year old Phai, 17 year old Ek, 17 year old Pheem, and 17 year old Ping. The teenage group were found with two guns, four bullets, a 12-inch knife, and an 11-inch metal spike. The arrest took place on Sukhaphiban 5 Road near the Chatuchot intersection in the Sai Mai district.

Police patrols, including four motorcycle units and one car unit, were conducting routine checks when they spotted the teens riding two motorcycles, with five people in total, wearing helmets that obscured their faces and without license plates. When the police attempted to stop them for a search, the teenagers sped off towards the Chatuchot intersection.

A motorcycle chase ensued but officers quickly radioed ahead, and the patrol units managed to intercept the teenagers. Upon searching the suspects, the police found the aforementioned weapons and confiscated them as evidence.

The teens admitted to attending a technology college in Minburi, revealing that they had frequent conflicts with rival groups, prompting them to buy guns and ammunition through the LINE application for 2,000 to 7,000 baht each.

Phai and Ek were charged with possessing firearms and ammunition without a license and carrying firearms in public without urgent necessity.

Meanwhile, Pheem and Ping were charged with carrying a knife and a metal spike in public without urgent necessity. All four were taken to the Saimai police station for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

The incident highlights ongoing concerns about gang violence and illegal weapon possession in the city. Authorities have been cracking down on such activities, but the abundant availability of weapons online continues to pose a significant challenge to police officers.

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