Teen boasts he escaped murder charge because his family is rich

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An 18 year old allegedly boasted on social media that he escaped being charged with the murder of a 14 year old boy because his family is rich and powerful.

Thai social media is outraged that 18 year old Dome killed 14 year old Fluck and bragged about it on Twitter. Netizens are furious after seeing the trending hashtag on Thai Twitter: “18-year-old kills 14-year-old” (#เด็ก18ฆ่าเด็ก14).

The death of Fluck occurred on November 3, at 12.20pm at the young boy’s house in Saen Sook village in the Meung district in the central province of Rayong.

Fluck’s family informed Channel 3 reporters that Dome and another teenager visited Fluck’s house to talk outside his home.

Fluck refused to go outside and talk to Dome which made him angry so he entered the victim’s home and attacked him, using some broken electric wire to whip Fluck’s head.

Fluck’s family tried to separate the two but, in the melee, Fluck fell to the floor and had a seizure.

Fluck was sent to hospital immediately for treatment but the teenage boy later died after four days of treatment. The hospital recorded the cause of death as an acute subdural hemorrhage.

Dome was arrested after the incident but was later bailed for 20,000 baht.

Thai netizens are angry because Dome posted several messages on Facebook showing no remorse, saying that he did not care about the law. He also posted pictures and videos of himself at a party and attending a Loy Krathong event with friends after he was bailed.

A voice recording of Dome talking to a friend allegedly admitting that he was a drug dealer and had money was released on Thai social media by an unidentified person.

In the recording Dome said his family was rich and would support him in every way. He also added that he would only give 2,000 baht to Fluke’s family for his death.

Khaosod reported today that Dome’s family insisted that they did not bail him out, adding their son did not post anything on social media because he was in police custody.

The family also said that they did not interfere in the police work process and that Dome was bailed out on the court’s decision.

Under Section 290, manslaughter, in Thai law, whoever causes death to another person by inflicting injury upon the body of a such person without intent to cause death, shall be punished with imprisonment of three to 15 years.

It appears Dome has not been prosecuted according to Thai law for his part in the death of another teenage boy and remains free.

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