Taiwanese model’s embarrassing airport experience: Items that vibrate in the night

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

Renowned Taiwanese model Xin Yu Li, known for being a top-tier talent in the industry, recently shared her embarrassing yet amusing experience at an airport after returning from an international work assignment. While preparing to return, Yu Li encountered a situation that left her red-faced and others nearby witnessing the ordeal.

In her recount, Yu Li mentioned that she had inadvertently packed a power bank in her check-in luggage which is not permitted to be stored in the cargo hold. When airport security personnel scanned her luggage and identified the restricted item, they requested that she open her suitcase and remove the power bank.

What transpired upon opening her luggage led to a slightly awkward experience. The first thing that greeted both Yu Li and the officials was a collection of provocative lingerie lining her suitcase. However, the embarrassing moment escalated quickly following that. During the process of her trying to retrieve her power bank, a large-sized “personal vibrating device” tumbled out of her bag and landed right in front of officials and the unfortunate bystanders watching the scene unfold, reported Sanook.

The event left the Taiwanese model feeling incredibly embarrassed, not so much because the onlookers witnessed her intimate garments, but more so due to the colossal size of the personal accessory which surprised everyone. Following her ordeal, Yu Li made a courageous move and posted about the incident for her fans to read.

As one would expect, her public share ignited a series of humorous comments from her fans, who got a kick out of the story. Amidst the levity, her post served as a reminder for travellers to double-check their luggage for prohibited items, and perhaps to be more mindful when packing their personal items. Such candid and awkward tales from celebrities remind us that they, too, can have amusing and relatable experiences in their lives.

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