Surviver’s struggle: Teenager fights for justice after brutal ex-boyfriend’s knife attack

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An 18 year old woman from the central province of Suphan Buri seeks justice after surviving a brutal attack from her knife-wielding exboyfriend who slashed her arm, and throat, and almost pierced her heart. She says she is constantly living in fear as the police have not processed the case despite apprehending him at the scene of the crime.

The victim, Ploy, filed a lawsuit against her 31 year old ex-boyfriend Jack but the police have yet to investigate the crime and the attacker has remained at large for over three months.

Ploy revealed that she met Jack at a company where she worked as an intern. Jack expressed interest in her and she later dated him. While she was in a six-month relationship with him, Jack displayed no visible signs of aggression. However, when the relationship ended Ploy felt the overbearing weight of Jack’s jealousy. Her ex-boyfriend’s knife attack contacted her on May 30 and cried very hard attempting to win her back but she refused.

Then, on June 30, Jack sent his suicide note to Ploy saying he would take his own life and transferred 28,000 baht to reimburse her for shared expenses during their time together. Ploy decided to contact her ex-boyfriend’s parents to return all the money.

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On the incident day, Ploy finished studying at 3pm and returned to her condo. While she was opening the room, her ex-boyfriend approached and threatened her with a knife, ordering her to get inside the room and demanded she stop screaming for help. Ploy said she did not stop, so Jack cut her arm and slit her throat making her lose consciousness.

Jack then repeatedly slapped her face to make her regain consciousness before plunging the knife into her chest, just missing her heart. She screamed and lost consciousness again.

Neighbours living nearby heard the screams and sought help from Meaung Suphan Buri Police Station. Officers dashed to the scene, kicked in the door and saw Jack hanging over her limp body. Ploy thought the encounter with her ex-boyfriend would be enough for the police to punish him but he still lives his life as normal.

CCTV footage at the condo shows Jack gaining access to Ploy’s condo room by waiting for a resident to open the front door with a keycard. He hid in the fire escape until Ploy arrived at her room.

Ploy added that Jack’s parents and relatives reached out to Ploy in an attempt to persuade her to drop the legal proceedings. Ploy refused and stood firm in her resolve but encountered a roadblock. The community leader and Jack’s family both visited the police station pleading for leniency. There has been no development since then.

Ploy decided to seek help from a Thai influencer, Guntouch “Gun” Pongpaiboonwet, who promised to support her and follow up on the case until Jack faced the consequences of his actions. Gun said he would also seek the investigation of the working process of Meaung Suphan Buri Police Station.

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