Survey reveals Chinese tourists’ spending habits in Thailand

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The majority of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand in the second quarter of this year were lured by the country’s delectable cuisine and exotic fruits, according to the Tourism Council of Thailand.

The Council’s report, published last Thursday, July 4, surveyed 205 Chinese nationals. The participants included 44% from Mainland China, 24% from Hong Kong, 18% from Taiwan, and 14% from Singapore. It unveiled intriguing insights into their spending habits and preferences.

Surprisingly, Singaporean tourists topped the spending chart with an average of 54,456 baht per trip, followed by those from Mainland China (46,153 baht), Taiwan (37,295 baht), and Hong Kong (36,144 baht). Mainland Chinese tourists were also the most frequent visitors, averaging 2.83 trips per person, compared to 2.58 for Singaporeans, 2.49 for Hong Kong residents, and 2.32 for Taiwanese travellers.

The survey also highlighted a significant shift towards independent travel, with 88% of Chinese nationals preferring to explore Thailand on their own, while only 12% opted for organised tours.

However, 45% of respondents noted an increase in travel costs compared to pre-Covid times. In contrast, 44% reported no change, and 11% observed a decrease in their travel expenditure. To save costs, 38% of tourists planned to cut back on shopping and souvenirs, 33% on travel expenses, 31% on accommodation, 26% on entertainment, and 12% on food.

Delicious food was the top reason for visiting Thailand, followed by safety (55%), reasonable travel expenses (48%), high-quality services (45%), diverse destinations (32%), and convenient shopping centres (20%).

Top activities for Chinese tourists included savouring Thai food and fruits (84%), indulging in spa and massage treatments (73%), shopping (55%), experiencing nightlife (55%), beach activities (30%), river cruises (21%), floating markets (16%), zoos and amusement parks (16%), and eco-tourism like bathing with elephants (13%).

Bangkok emerged as the most popular destination (100%), followed by Chiang Mai (20%), Phuket (18%), Pattaya (16%), and other locations. Most tourists preferred hotels priced between 2,001 and 3,000 baht per night and prioritised accommodations with breakfast service (65%) and proximity to tourist attractions (51%).

The report also shed light on various complaints, with tourists expressing uncertainty about unfair taxi services, safety concerns, pollution, and cleanliness. Despite these issues, Thailand remains a favoured destination for its culinary delights and diverse experiences, reported The Nation.

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