Suphan Buri man arrested for rape, theft and defrauding the elderly

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A man from Nong Ya Sai District in the Suphan Buri province was arrested for rape and sexual assault under a warrant from the Taling Chan Criminal Court.

The alleged suspect, 39 year old Manat, also known as Pla, was apprehended by Police Lieutenant General Thiti Saengsaeng, commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau and his colleagues today, January 17.

The Metropolitan Police Bureau officers were informed that a homeless man was roaming around committing crimes of theft, fraud, and rape in the vicinities of Talinchan Police Station, Palace Police Station, and Bang Yi Khan Police Station, using Facebook to trick victims, claiming he was a police officer able to advise about lawsuits.

When the victim was convinced, the perpetrator arranged to meet in the Taling Chan area before raping the victim. Police investigation identified the criminal as Manat but he had managed to escape capture.

It was found that Manat had a previous criminal record. An arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court, dated June 6 last year, stated that the suspect was arrested for stealing at night by attempting to snatch items in a jewellery and antique shop in the Wang Burapha area. He stole a silver belt worth approximately 12,000 baht and fled.

An arrest warrant from the Taling Chan Criminal Court, dated October 18 last year showed that Manat was charged with theft and accessing a computer system that has specific protection and access measures. He had also used other people’s electronic cards illegally and stole a phone from a 77 year old victim.

Legal action

The perpetrator deceived the victim claiming that he was going to update the payment system but seized the moment to defraud the victim when the victim accidentally accessed the cash withdrawal application. Approximately 55,000 baht was lost.

During interrogation, Manat testified that he was currently unemployed and had no permanent residence. He lives and sleeps in convenience stores around Sanam Luang, Rama VIII Bridge, Charansanitwong, and eats at places where rice is distributed for several months. Initially, he admitted that he had committed the crimes listed in the arrest warrant, reported Matichon.

Commander-in-Chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau stated that a background check by the Royal Thai Police database found that Manat had a history of multiple theft cases in various areas. Most recently he was arrested in 2022 near Bang Khun Non Police Station. Manat was taken to investigators in Taling Chan Police Station to continue legal proceedings.

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