Suphan Buri guardian spirit festival firecracker ritual brings luck

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The yearly festival at the shrine of the city’s guardian spirit in Dan Chang, Suphan Buri, has evolved into a vibrant focal point, attracting throngs of visitors eager to partake in a cherished tradition and, perchance, to take home a touch of luck.

The festival reached its climax as attendees fixated on the launch of firecrackers at 8pm yesterday, a ritual believed to reveal lucky numbers.

The event is steeped in cultural significance, bringing together a diverse array of local and national figures.

Among them was Udom Prongfah, an advisor to the Minister of Social Development and Human Security, Duangporn Kunnakornwong, the Dan Chang District Officer, and Panya Pratheepornsak, the Mayor of Dan Chang Municipality.

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Together with Lions Club President Boonsong Klachaijaroen, they joined in the festivities, which this year marked the 43rd iteration of the cherished local tradition.

Spanning May 11 to 16, the festival has long been an anticipated event in the region. Activities include thrilling dragon and lion dances, captivating Chinese opera performances, and markets offering goods at bargain prices. Auctions for various items such as rice, dry food, and electrical appliances also play a central role in the festival’s proceedings.

The night’s agenda featured a convivial Chinese banquet and an auction of the shrine’s lanterns, culminating in the eagerly awaited firecracker event, which this year presented the number 15628 – a sequence many locals hope will bring them fortune.

Notably, the festival is more than just a source of entertainment, it serves a philanthropic purpose. The proceeds from the event are channelled into community welfare initiatives within the Dan Chang District.

The festival’s success is a testament to the collaborative spirit between government, the private sector, and the local community, fostering unity and contributing to the peace, prosperity, and commercial growth of the area, reported KhaoSod.

The organising committee of the city’s guardian spirit shrine gratefully acknowledges the support and cooperation that have made this event a staple of the local calendar. The festival not only honours cultural heritage but also fortifies the bonds within the community, ensuring that the spirit of Dan Chang remains vibrant and enduring.

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