Sons’ abandonment sparks plea for help from disabled Thai father

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A disabled Thai man and his wife have turned to government organisations for assistance following the abandonment by their sons. The wife expressed her inability to continue caring for her husband due to the demands of everyone’s work commitments.

In Nonthaburi province, situated near Bangkok, a village security guard alerted the Bang Bua Thong Police officers to the plight of a 59 year old disabled man named Thanaphat. Abandoned by his sons, Thanaphat’s situation had become dire. One of his sons had even forbidden any communication or entry to his residence.

According to the security guard’s account, Thanaphat had relocated from the northern province of Pitsanulok along with his 38 year old wife, Laddawan, to live with his youngest son in Nonthaburi. Tragically, Thanaphat’s son forbade the couple from entering his house. To address this pressing issue, the security guard took the initiative to involve the local police.

Responding swiftly, the police intervened, escorting Thanaphat and Laddawan to the police station, where they awaited further guidance from relevant authorities.

In his interaction with the officers, Thanaphat shared that he had previously worked as a taxi driver in Samut Prakarn province. Regrettably, his life took a downturn when he became disabled two weeks prior, rendering him unable to continue his livelihood.

Recounting his journey, Thanaphat disclosed that he had moved to live with his wife in Pitsanulok, seeking medical treatment for his condition. Having two sons, he desired to be with them during his time of need.

Laddawan, Thanaphat’s wife, revealed that diabetes had led to his disability. She had accommodated him at her house for a fortnight, but her work commitments and familial obligations left her incapable of providing the required care. A discussion with him about his preferred living arrangement revealed his wish to reside with his youngest son in Nonthaburi.

Laddawan recounted how she had borrowed money to cover travel expenses and journeyed to Nonthaburi to locate Thanaphat’s son. However, her efforts were met with refusal, as the son declined to take responsibility and requested that Thanaphat return to Pitsanulok.

Laddawan expressed her sympathy for Thanaphat’s plight. Despite the situation, he still cherished his sons, maintaining photo albums dedicated to them. She speculated that past conflicts could be behind the son’s anger and abandonment, yet she remained unaware of any significant familial disputes.

A 32 year old Thai man named Winai, who had driven Thanaphat and his wife to Nonthaburi, revealed that Thanaphat’s son had ridden away on his motorbike upon their arrival, declining to engage with his father and instructing him to take Thanaphat back to Pitsanulok.

Though Thanaphat’s health condition made communication difficult, he managed to convey that he had supported his sons until their graduation. He also conveyed his lack of resentment if his sons chose not to care for him, expressing his enduring love and understanding.

The police collaborated with the Center for the Protection of the Homeless People, which agreed to offer support and care for Thanaphat while relevant departments addressed the broader issues. Additionally, the police made attempts to establish contact with Thanaphat’s eldest son. As of now, a resolution for the disabled man’s predicament remains pending.

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