Son confesses to stabbing bedridden mother in Kamphaeng Phet

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A tragic event unfolded yesterday when a son confessed to fatally stabbing his bedridden mother in Kamphaeng Phet, neighbour noted his longstanding frustration with caring for his mother, whom the son considered a burden.

Police received the distress call yesterday evening and arrived at the scene, accompanied by rescue personnel from Sawang Kamphaeng Phet Dhammasathan. The victim, 54 year old Phayao, was discovered in her single-storey house wearing a yellow floral shirt and black trousers, with a knife lodged in her abdomen, her lifeless body sprawled on the bed.

Her son, 36 year old Tum was present at the scene, visibly intoxicated, and waiting to provide his statement to the police. Tum admitted to stabbing his mother multiple times, although he couldn’t recall the exact number of times due to his inebriated state. He expressed remorse, stating that he didn’t fully realise the severity of his actions until he sobered up.

Neighbours provided insight into the family’s dynamic, revealing that Tum had often expressed frustration, viewing his mother as a burden due to her inability to walk.

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One neighbour mentioned Tum’s previous comments, wishing for his mother’s death. The neighbour had recently asked Tum to clear the overgrown area around the house, fearing that a snake might bite his immobile mother. There was an incident involving a cobra just days before.

On the day of the murder, the neighbour saw Phayao lying under a tamarind tree outside her house around noon. She usually bought ice cream from a daily vendor and would slide herself into the house using a cushion because she couldn’t walk.

Rarely caring

Tum was typically absent during the day, staying at a different house nearby and returning only in the evening, rarely caring for his mother.

Later that evening, around 7pm, Tum approached the neighbour, informing them of the stabbing, prompting the neighbour to check and notify the village head and police.

Further conversations with the neighbour revealed that Tum had consistently distanced himself from caretaking duties, often leaving his mother alone. Despite the neighbour’s warnings about his harsh statements regarding his mother, Tum seemed indifferent.

Phayao had two children, with Tum being the elder sibling, while her daughter lived in Bangkok. Police contacted her daughter immediately after the stabbing.

A forensic team and a physician from Khlong Lan Hospital were called in to examine the scene and collect evidence. Tum was taken into custody to face legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

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