Somrak Kamsing attends religious ceremony amid controversy

Former Thai boxer Somrak Kamsing today attended a religious ceremony at Sirisuttho Temple in Ban Dung, Udon Thani where renowned teacher Pairoj, a famous Yant cloth writer, presided over the event.

The ceremony included the consecration of the temple hall, the installation of a new Buddha statue, and the blessing of the Buddha statue. The 50 year old Somrak, who was recently implicated in an alleged sexual assault case involving a 17 year old girl, attended the ceremony too.

Somrak was seen participating in the ceremony along with other celebrities such as Dr Ped, Yingyong, Hai Aphaphon, Somchit, Do Doksadao, and Yoing. The ceremony was the first public event Somrak attended since the news broke out.

It was reported that after Somrak was hesitant to attend, Pairoj personally called him to participate. During the ceremony, Pairoj placed a ceremonial cord around the former boxer’s head, wrapping it three times for blessings amidst Somrak’s challenging times.

Throughout the event, Somrak was seen answering phone calls continuously but it was unclear who was on the other end of the line.

“I came here today to participate in religious offerings with Pairoj, Somrakrevealed. I have been visiting this place since it was a forest three years ago. I am happy to attend the hall’s consecration ceremony today. I had this programme planned and feel relaxed now because I got to perform a religious duty.”

When asked about the case where the victim went to file a complaint, Somrak expressed his readiness to face legal proceedings.

“I am ready to enter the justice process. I have not yet received a summons. If the police call, I will go.”

However, there were moments of evident worry as he wiped his sweat and declined exclusive interviews from several news outlets.

Somrak gave brief interviews to the media and then left immediately to return to Khon Kaen in his orange Ford car, accompanied by two to three followers. Before leaving, he happily greeted and took photos with his fans, reported KhaoSod.

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