Singer files complaint against man for unwanted kiss at Pattaya bar

Photo via Facebook/ Itoey Siri Insawang

A Thai singer recently filed a formal complaint against a man who reportedly sexually harassed her at an entertainment venue in Pattaya.

The victim, Toey, shared a video of the incident from a security camera on Facebook to seek justice and expose the unacceptable behaviour of the alleged perpetrator. The singer revealed in the caption…

“I did not slap him in the face at that time because I was shocked. I did not know what to do. I decided to run to my boyfriend first.”

The footage reveals Toey engaged in a conversation with the suspect while standing in a passage of the bustling bar. The two talked to each other for a while before the man suddenly kissed her on the cheek and walked away. The singer can be seen visibly shaken, quickly leaving the area.

Toey later gave an interview with Channel 7 about the incident. She explained that she worked as a singer at the bar and met the suspect several times in the past. According to Toey, the man always came to the bar with his girlfriend almost every weekend. The singer was respectful to the man as a regular client.

Toey stated that the man asked her to stop at the spot, as seen in the CCTV footage. He inquired about her LINE account, stating his interest in hiring her for a performance at one of his events. Toey said it was normal for her to give her contact to clients, so she gave her contact.

Toey reported that he attempted to say something to her. Due to the noise level within the bar, she moved closer to him in an attempt to better hear his message. However, instead of communicating, the man kissed her on the cheek.

Toey disclosed that she ran to her boyfriend but did not tell him about the incident immediately due to concerns about potential altercations between him and the suspect. She chose to wait until they returned home to reveal the details.

Toey insisted that she is a singer and mostly works at night in entertainment venues but never dresses in a sexy, provocative manner. She firmly believed that her choice of clothing did not provoke the incident in any way.

Toey added that the man later sent an apology to one of her colleagues at the bar claiming that he was too drunk to remember what he had done.

Toey expressed her scepticism regarding his explanation, citing the fact that he had engaged with her in a normal manner before the sexual harassment.

Toey reported that she already lodged a complaint with the police and would not drop the charge against the suspect.

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