Secret talks with rebels: Ex-PM Thaksin’s shadow diplomacy

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Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s clandestine discussions with Myanmar’s resistance groups have ignited a storm of controversy. As the international community watches with bated breath, the House Committee on National Security and Border Affairs gears up for a probing investigation into this explosive development.

The House Committee on National Security and Border Affairs announced a thorough investigation into the reports of Thaksin’s alleged negotiations with resistance groups in Myanmar.

According to VOA Burmese, the 74 year old former PM engaged in high-stakes discussions with representatives of prominent organisations in Myanmar, including the Kachin National Organisation and the National Unity Government, to quell the escalating armed conflict across the border.

Following these revelations, Foreign Minister Maris Sangiampongsa swiftly distanced Thailand from Thaksin’s actions, asserting that the kingdom had no involvement in the controversial meetings.

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However, House Committee Chairman Rangsiman Rome minced no words, expressing concerns over Thaksin’s unauthorised foray into international diplomacy. Rangsiman emphasised that Thaksin’s lack of an official government position undermines Thailand’s diplomatic efforts and sows confusion regarding the country’s stance on Myanmar’s crisis.

The chairman of the committee, an MP of the opposition Move Forward Party, stressed the need for transparent and accountable diplomatic channels in resolving regional conflicts, reported The Nation.

He criticised Thaksin’s manoeuvres as potentially undermining the authority of the Thai government.

In related news, the escalating civil conflict in Myanmar prompted the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) to keep four ships on standby in the Andaman Sea, prepared to evacuate Thai citizens if required.

Admiral Adung Pan-Iam, the RTN chief, has commanded the Region 3 commander, who oversees the Andaman coast, to ready two frigates, HTMS Saiburi and HTMS Prachuap Khiri Khan, along with two landing ships, HTMS Mannok and HTMS Mattaphon.

In other news, the military coup in Myanmar in 2021 ignited ongoing resistance from armed rebel groups, causing the military regime to lose control over multiple strongholds.

The recent aggressive rebel offensive in Myawaddy, a significant border town opposite Tak’s Mae Sot district in Thailand, led to the displacement of thousands of individuals and raised fears of a security and humanitarian crisis.

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