Search continues for French tourist missing in Thailand

The search for the missing French tourist believed to be lost in the jungle in Surat Thani province in southern Thailand continues today after it was temporarily called off last night due to heavy rains. He was last seen six days ago.

Three witnesses provided useful testimony which has helped police to narrow down their search.

Frenchman Gollino Cyrit Tizzlano disappeared from Khao Sok Holiday Resort in the Phanom district on Saturday, November 12, after telling the resort owner he was going hiking. He was officially reported missing on Tuesday when police and district officials launched a search party for Tizzlano.

Governor of Surat Thani province Wichawut Jinto said the search was called off yesterday at 5pm due to heavy rains and dark conditions. The search party returned to the Khao Sok National Park Office to plan the next steps. The search resumed early this morning.

District Chief Suchao Tumosik said three witnesses saw Tizzlano before he disappeared…

Uncle Chai,” who lives in the area, said that Tizzlano stopped him on Saturday at around 11am to ask for directions to Phanthurat Mountain, where he planned on flying his drone. The team searched for Tizzlano in the areas of Khao Phanthurat and Tham Phanthurat Temple but found no traces of him.

Uncle Sa-gna,” a builder working on the guardhouse in front of Tham Phanthurat Temple, said the Tizzlano entered the temple at around 11.30am-12pm. Uncle Sa-gna said the Frenchman was wearing a backpack and holding a stick for hiking. The builder said he left and then returned between 3-4pm, asking for help.

Tizzlano told Uncle Sa-nga that he crashed his drone and pointed at the mountainside near the temple. The Frenchman asked if Uncle Sa-nga could help him look for it for 2,000 baht. However, Uncle Sa-nga told Tizzlano he wouldn’t be able to make it up the mountain, so the Frenchman started walking back up the road.

Police checked CCTV and confirmed that Tizzlano walked into the temple at 11.47am. The camera did not catch his conversation with Uncle Sa-gna in front of the temple.

A third witness told police he saw Tizzlano on Saturday flying his drone in the area, which is consistent with Uncle Chai’s and Uncle Sa-nga’s testimonies.

District Chief Suchao said the search party found a bridge nearby, in a damaged condition, that led up to the ridge where Tizzlano was thought to have crashed his drone.

The search party was split into three teams. The first searched at Phanthurat Mountain, the second searched near the Nature Resort, and the third searched the area near Uncle Chai’s house, but found neither the missing French tourist nor his drone.

The search continues today.

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