Royal Thai Police to investigate 29 officers for suspected ties to labour trafficking

Photo via Facebook/ Kanchanaburi News

At least 29 police officers are being investigated for suspected involvement in labour trafficking. The Royal Thai Police Headquarters has appointed a committee to investigate the officers, a source told Nation Thailand. The national police deputy chief will oversee the investigation.

Border patrol has reportedly been heightened over the past year due concerns that migrants who are entering Thailand illegally, evading quarantine and checkpoint screening, could potentially import Covid-19 to Thailand. Fingers pointed at undocumented Burmese workers following the December outbreak at a fishing hub in Samut Sakhon where the virus spread among migrants who lived and worked in crowded conditions.

Back in December, the Royal Thai Army admitted that they cannot keep people from crossing the around 2,000 kilometre Thai-Myanmar border and authorities shifted their focus from cracking down on migrants crossing the border to catching the labour traffickers.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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