Robbers shoot and kill customer in Northern Thailand gold shop

Three robbers fired bullets through a glass door of a gold shop yesterday in Tak, in Northern Thailand, killing one customer. The customer was a 30 year old man. He died after being rushed to the hospital.

The robbers smashed another glass door of the shop with a hammer. They then smashed the showcases where the gold was being displayed. One shop owner was seriously injured from cuts received from the broken glass.

The robbers stole items valued at least 2.9 million baht. Security cameras filmed the robbery, and showed that the 3 robbers arrived at the store in a pickup truck. Thai media reported that they wore long-sleeved shirts and full-faced crash helmets. The shop is in Phop Phra district of Tak.

Gold shops are common sites for robberies in Thailand. In November, a gold shop robber in Northeastern Thailand threatened employees with a hammer, and stole items worth about one million baht. In September, a teenager robbed a gold shop in Nonthaburi and allegedly threatened the manager with a knife.

Police are now on a major hunt for the Tak robbers.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Tara Abhasakun

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