Rescued Chiang Mai child doing better, still needs time to heal, says doctor

The toddler that was recently rescued in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai province is recuperating well and has allowed her parents to hug her, but still needs time to heal both physically and mentally, says a doctor.

Gina’s father says his daughter has a healthy appetite and looks fresher and healthier than she did the day before. A doctor cautions that Gina still requires the observation of a psychiatrist who will help Gina recover from her traumatic experience. The unidentified doctor went on to say that Gina suffered minor cuts and insect bites all over her body when she was found, 3 days after she went missing.

The father went on to say that he and his wife are pleased to have Gina back home. The investigative commander of the 5th Provincial Police Bureau, Veerachon Boonthavee, says that charges still have not been filed against the suspect, a Burmese national identified as Siew, as police are still waiting on forensic reports. Under forceful questioning, Siew allegedly confessed to taking Gina but says he left her in a hut outside a cave because spirits told him to do so. Earlier today, the Thaiger wrote how the mirror foundation, an organisation that works to help find missing people, believes Siew abducted Gina for more malevolent reasons than the ones he stated.

Siew had claimed his sister was the real culprit, an allegation his sister has denied.


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