Ratchaburi locals labelled as threat to PM Srettha’s safety

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Five residents of Ratchaburi province are demanding answers after being officially labelled as threats to the safety of the Prime Minister of Thailand.

One of the residents, Thanu Ngamyingyuad, informed Channel 3 that he and four others, including a community leader, were given official documents, stating that they posed a threat to Thai PM Srettha Thavisin’s safety. The documents were handed over by a police officer ahead of the 62 year old’s visit between May 12 and 13.

Thanu explained that he did not know exactly which government organisation issued the documents but Thanu insisted he was innocent, as were the other four other locals. They have never done anything that could be considered a threat to the PM.

Thanu and the others claim they have never done anything to threaten the PM. Thanu believes the document was linked to his role in leading farmers protesting against the Wax Garbage Recycle Centre over water pollution.

Thanu reported that the factory’s effluent had contaminated local water sources, resulting in crop losses and receiving no compensation from either the company or the government. Subsequent investigations by relevant departments confirmed the presence of toxic substances in the water.

The contamination compelled Thanu and his fellow farmers to abandon their plantations, causing them to lose all their produce.

Thanu suspected that the manufacturer or relevant government departments may have anticipated him raising the issue with the prime minister during his visit. However, he clarified that he had no such intentions, as the case was already under court scrutiny.

Other residents labelled as threats have also participated in protests concerning environmental issues, such as wastewater from a pig farm and the construction of a reservoir.

The police officer who delivered the documents denied any knowledge of them. So, Thanu and the others went to the media to demand clarification from the government. They felt it was unfair to label people with environmental concerns as a threat to the PM’s safety.

PM Srettha and the relevant governmental departments of Thailand had yet to address the public on the matter.

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