Putin’s AI doppelganger stumps him live: Secret doubles revealed? (video)

Photo courtesy of Sky News

In a jaw-dropping moment at the annual news conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin faced an unexpected challenge on December 14 when an artificial intelligence (AI) clone of himself posed a thought-provoking question.

The AI double seized the opportunity during the marathon event, connecting with the Russian leader via video link and leaving the audience in Moscow in stitches as he asked his question.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, hello, I am a student at St Petersburg state university. I want to ask, is it true you have a lot of doubles? And also, how do you view the dangers that AI and neural networks bring into our lives?”

The unexpected question prompted an unusual pause from Putin, who was already in the midst of a four-hour Q&A session. After a brief hesitation, the Russian president gave his response.

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“I see you may resemble me and speak with my voice. But I have thought about it and decided that only one person must be like me and speak with my voice, and that will be me.”

This intriguing moment shed light on persistent rumours, especially in Western media, suggesting that Putin may have body doubles due to alleged health issues. The Kremlin, however, swiftly dismissed these claims, asserting that the Russian president’s health is in excellent condition, reported The Straits Times.

The encounter between Putin and his AI counterpart not only added a touch of humour to the proceedings but also fuelled speculations about the enigmatic world of political doppelgangers and the ever-growing influence of artificial intelligence.

In related news, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin extended an invitation for an official visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the next year, during his recent visit to Beijing. This invitation emerges amidst Putin’s global isolation due to Russia’s conflict with Ukraine which kicked off in February last year. Read more about this story HERE.

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