Bringing home the bacon: Pork owner donates 3 tonnes to temple

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A pork factory owner donated three tonnes of pork to a renowned temple in Nakhon Pathom, attributing their business success to the blessings of a revered sage. Devotees flocked to the event, hoping to gain lucky numbers from a ritual.

At 11am yesterday, at Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Pathom, a pork distribution company owner, 52 year old Phawat, and his wife, 46 year old Thanyada made a significant donation. They brought various pork cuts, including pork bones, minced pork, pork pieces, intestines, and other parts, amounting to three tonnes, to the temple’s charity kitchen.

The couple, who are disciples of Phra Kru Yati Thammanuyut, also known as Luang Phor Pae, and the revered sage Por Pu Ruesi, believe that their flourishing business is due to the blessings of these spiritual figures. Phawat and Thanyada’s generous donation was an expression of their gratitude for the prosperity they have enjoyed.

Following the donation, Luang Phor Pae conducted a ritual that included inscribing sacred symbols on the backs of the couple’s hands, a ceremony believed to bring good fortune. Factory employees also queued up to receive similar blessings, hoping to enhance their own luck and well-being.

The factory owner explained that she and about 20 employees had come to the temple with the pork donation, knowing that a ceremony to honour Por Pu Ruesi would take place today. She added that the ceremony is expected to attract many other disciples. The temple plans to provide meals to those attending, hence the donation of pork to support this effort.

Thanyada further shared that she had performed a ritual by lighting incense and praying to the temple’s sacred figures, seeking protection and blessings for the health and prosperity of their business. She expressed hope that the company’s profits would increase, especially after the challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to her, the business had struggled significantly during the pandemic, but after seeking blessings from Por Pu Ruesi, they saw a remarkable turnaround, with the business thriving once again, reported KhaoSod.

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