Political activists seek justice after Pinky allowed to remove EM tag

Political activists in Thailand are seeking permission to get their electronic monitoring (EM) tags removed after the Thai Court granted permission for a female actress, Savika “Pinky” Chaiyadaj, to have her tag removed.

Thai activists demand the removal of their EM tags, claiming they have committed no harm, caused no loss, and have not committed fraud or murder.

According to a report on Amarin TV, Pinky, one of the suspects in the Forex-3D scam, went to the Criminal Court on Ratchada Pisek Road yesterday and got permission to remove her EM tag.

The actress told the Court that she found it difficult to work in the entertainment industry while wearing an EM tag. The Court agreed to her request.

Political activist, Parit “Penguins” Chiwarak, later shared Pinky’s news on Facebook. He said…

“When will we be able to remove the EM tag? Our charges did not cause any loss to anyone. We did not defraud or kill anybody.”

Several political activists, including Penguins, were arrested for violating Thailand’s Section 112, which prohibits defaming the monarchy. The activists were repeatedly imprisoned for participating in protests. Some were granted bail but required to wear EM bracelets.

Another political activist, Panupong “Mike” Jardnok, also protested on Facebook today.

Mike said…

“I am travelling to the Criminal Court to seek permission to remove my EM tag. Pinky can do it, so I should be able to do it as well. I also have to work and travel around. The only thing that makes us different was someone’s thoughts.”

The Criminal Court and other relevant departments have not yet stated the removal of the EM bracelets for political activists.

Some Thai citizens support the activists’ right to remove the bracelets, while others are calling for the official standards to be made public.

Pinky, a suspect in the Forex-3D scam which caused a reported loss of over 2 billion baht to nearly 10,000 victims, was granted bail in December with the condition of wearing an EM bracelet, reporting to the court monthly, remaining in Thailand, and reporting any address changes within seven days.

Pinky went off the radar for two months after her release but recently appeared on the cover of TV Pool magazine.

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