‘Pinky’ the alleged Forex 3D scammer released on bail after 3 months behind bars


Savika “Pinky” Chaiyadej was released on bail for 5 million baht yesterday after being detained for over three months inside Central Women’s Correctional Institution in Bangkok.

Thailand’s Criminal Court granted bail to Pinky on the condition that she does not leave the country, must inform the court within seven days if she changes her address, and must report to the court every month.

The famous actress and 19 other defendants still face trial on fraud charges for their alleged involvement in a huge Forex 3D “Ponzi” scam that defrauded over 14,000 victims of almost 2 billion baht.

Pinky didn’t give an interview but looked happy as she exited the prison’s gates in her lawyer’s white Toyota Fortuner at around 7.15pm, holding up a heart, a wave, and a wai for the cameras.


Famous actress “Pinky” faces up to 20 years in prison for fraud for her involvement in a Forex-3D “Ponzi” scam that defrauded over 14,000 victims. Pinky, her mother, and her brother are still detained as they await trial.

Committing fraud carries up to five years imprisonment for each victim in Thailand, causing speculation in Thai media that Pinky could face a 50,000-year prison sentence if she is found guilty of defrauding say, 10,000 victims.

However, Thai law stipulates that fraudsters can be imprisoned for a maximum of 20 years in Thailand, no matter the number of victims.

Pinky, her mother, and her brother are accused of committing fraud as well as other charges of violating the Computer Crimes Act (2007). All three were denied bail.

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Famous Thai actress Savika “Pinky” Chaiyadej, her mother Sarinya Chaiyadej, and her elder brother Surayuth Chaiydej were among 19 people arrested yesterday for allegedly defrauding people of money via a Forex-3D scam.

Thailand’s Criminal Court denied Pinky and her relatives’ bail requests, fearing the defendants would flee if they were granted temporary release.

Pinky, Sarinya, and Sarayuth are accused of committing fraud under the Computer Crimes Act for their involvement in a Forex-3D scam, or, “Ponzi” scheme. The scam persuades people to invest their money in foreign exchange through the website forex-3d.com, claiming that they will make 60-80% profit on their investment.

However, once people invested, they didn’t get any profits in return as promised. According to the DSI, around 14,000 people were duped into the scam, investing an estimated 1.9 billion baht in total.

In October 2019, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) began investigating Forex-3D after receiving a complaint from an investor who claimed Forex-3D was a scam. A number of well-know celebrities in Thailand were summoned to testify alongside the founder and CEO of Forex-3D Apirak Kotthi.

Yesterday, the DSI handed over assets worth around 230 million baht which were seized from the investment company and its alleged ring leader Apirak. The assets consist of 173 items including 14 cars, 12 land title deeds, 11 go-karts, nine expensive number plates, luxury watches, gym equipment, and gold.

Pinky and her family presented land title deeds as surety for their bail applications, but the court rejected the applications yesterday for fear they would attempt to flee. Pinky, her mother, and her brother were escorted to a prison to be held on remand.

Alleged ring leader Apirak was the first of 19 people under investigation by the DSI. He was arrested on January 15, 2021, under suspicion of committing fraud by promoting the public to invest through online platforms such as a website and Facebook.

Pinky, her mother, and her elder brother began advertising Forex-3D in January 2020. Pinky was a good friend of Tangmo, the famous Thai actress who drowned in the Chao Phraya river in February.

SOURCE: Sanook

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