Police seize 15 illegal motorcycles, detain armed teen in Bangkok

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Following numerous noise complaints by locals in Khan Na Yao district, police seized 15 illegally modified motorcycles and detained a teenager for carrying a homemade firearm. The ensuing police crackdown reflects a broader initiative to curb illegal street racing.

Around 7pm yesterday, the commander of the 2nd Division Metropolitan Police Bureau, Athapol Anusit, directed officers to conduct a patrol in response to ongoing complaints about noise pollution and illegal activities. The operation led to the confiscation of 15 modified motorcycles and the arrest of a teenager in possession of a firearm.

The operation began the previous night, around 11.30pm when patrol officers noticed a group of motorcycles gathered on Ram Inthra Road. The officers, suspecting that the group might be preparing for an illegal street race, approached the scene. Upon inspection, they found nine motorcycles equipped with modified exhaust systems that did not comply with legal standards.

During the same operation, officers apprehended a 16 year old, referred to as Thee (pseudonym), who was found carrying a homemade firearm loaded with .38 calibre bullets. The weapon and ammunition were concealed in the right front pocket of his jeans. The firearm and ammunition were seized as evidence.

Simultaneously, another team of officers discovered a separate group of teenagers loitering nearby at a Bangchak petrol station on Ram Inthra Road. Upon inspection, they found six more motorcycles with similarly modified exhaust systems. The motorcycles were confiscated for further examination.

Preliminary actions included issuing fines to the owners of all 15 illegal motorcycles for modifying their vehicles with loud exhaust systems, which caused public disturbances. The authorities also recorded the details of the offenders and issued warnings.

Thee faced additional charges for possessing an unregistered firearm and ammunition without proper authorisation, as well as carrying a firearm in public without a valid reason. He was subsequently handed over to investigators at Khan Na Yao Police Station for legal processing, reported KhaoSod.

The crackdown aligns with directives from senior police officials to intensify measures against groups of teenagers who frequently gather to race motorcycles, causing inconvenience and danger to the public. Locals had lodged multiple complaints about the noise and disturbances caused by these groups, prompting police action.

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