Police arrest boyfriend of murdered girlfriend dumped in a garbage bin

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The man accused of murdering and dumping his girlfriend’s body in a garbage bin at the Khao Sok National Park at the border of Phang Nga and Surat Thani, surrendered to police yesterday. He allegedly admitted that jealousy drove him to lose his temper and commit murder.

The murderer, Sukhon Kaewprapas, surrendered at Kapong Police Station in Phang Nga three days after the corpse of his girlfriend, 30 year old Suphattra Yodkaew, was found at the national park.

The 38 year old confessed that he was jealous because there was a man flirting with Suphattra and believed she had feelings for the man too. Sukhon said his girlfriend left home to stay with her mother and wanted to break up with him.

Sukhon tried to win her back and travelled to her mother’s home to pick her up. After arriving at his house the couple argued over the other man, making him lose control. He hit Suprhattra on the head with a boomstick many times until she died.

Sukhon got two friends to help him hide Suphattra’s body in the garbage bin and later dumped her at the national park. After the body was found he felt guilty and decided to surrender to police.

Khaosod reported that officers took Sukhon to his house for a reenactment of the scene.

Sukhon refused to talk to the media, who reported he showed little remorse for what he had done.

Sukhon urged relatives to take care of his mother while he was being taken to the police station.

Sukhon was charged with Section 288 of the Criminal Laws: whoever murders another person shall be punished with life imprisonment or imprisonment from 15 to 20 years. Sukhon also concealed the body, so he faces another penalty of imprisonment for up to one year, a fine of up to 2,000 baht, or both, according to Section 199 of the Criminal Laws.

The case’s investigating officer reported that the police are on the lookout for Sukhon’s friends. They face a Section 199 charge for helping their friend hide the woman’s body.


UPDATE: Police track down suspect in murder of woman dumped in garbage bin

Police believe the person responsible for the death of the woman dumped in a garbage bin in the Khao Sok National Park at the border of Phang Nga and Surat Thani is her boyfriend.

Police reported they found evidence in the boyfriend’s home related to the murder of the woman, Suphattra Yodkaew, and is now on the run.

Police identified 38 year old Sukhon Kaewprapas as the 30 year old woman’s murderer after officers from Khian Sa Police Station raided two houses yesterday in the Khian Sa district of Surat Thani owned by Sukhon’s family.

Officers raided the one-storey house of his mother, 58 year old La-iat Kaewprapas, and found similar blue garbage bins to the one the dead woman was stuffed in. Officers also found a blue on Sukhon’s pickup parked outside the house that matched the garbage bin.

La-iat told police she was unaware of any conflict between her son and Suphattra. She said she saw her son on Tuesday at about 12pm and then he disappeared.

At Sukhon’s house, located about 200 metres away from his mother’s home, officers smelled a strong odour of disinfectant but an investigation using a luminol solution to find a blood strain failed to uncover anything.

Police reported that they received good character references about Sukhon from his neighbours.

They said he was polite, humble, and kind. However, the victim’s mother, Puangrak Chaiyasit, provided an alternative view.

She said Sukhon was impolite, and aggressive, and hurt her daughter whenever they had a row.

The search continues for the suspect.


ORIGINAL STORY: Body of dead woman dumped in a garbage bin in southern Thailand

Kura Buri Highway Department officers in the southern province of Phang Nga found a dead woman’s body dumped in a garbage bin on the roadside near the Khao Sok National Park at the border of Phang Nga and Surat Thani yesterday. The murderer is still on the run.

Highway department officer Makesuwan Suphannamok told the media that he and his colleagues discovered the dead body when they went to mow the lawn yesterday, December 26. While he was working, he detected a foul stench and spotted a dark blue garbage bin nearby.

Makesuwan said he realised immediately that it was a corpse stuffed inside the bin because it had happened several times before in the national park.

Makesuwan climbed down the cliff to check the bin and found the body of a woman in a plastic bag stuffed inside the bin.

Makesuwan alerted officers at Kapong Police Station via a phone call.

Police arrived at the scene at about 3.30pm and removed the garbage bin from the cliff. The woman was reported to be 30 year old Suphattra Yodkaew. She wore a red sports shirt and black short pants. A number of wounds were spotted all over her body. Some essentials, clothes, cosmetics, dried food, and documents were also found in the garbage bin.

The officers believed that she had been dead for at least three days and might have been murdered somewhere else before the murderer put her in the bin and hid in the area.

Suphattra’s identification card revealed she is from the Khian Sa district of Surat Thani province.

The investigating officer made known that one of his officers in the Khian Sa district will contact Suphattra’s relatives while the investigation goes on to find the killer.

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