Phetchabun temple’s ritual sparks lottery fever

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Scores of hopefuls gathered yesterday at the Wat Pratu Dao in Phetchabun to participate in a ceremonial blessing and fortune-seeking ritual in anticipation of the lottery draw scheduled for March 16.

The event took place in the temple grounds located in the In Mueang district of Phetchabun province, which was once a site for the cremation and burial of executed prisoners.

The Wat Pratu Dao, with its origins dating back to the year 1776, was established by Luang Phol, the head judge of Phetchabun at the time. Over the years, the temple fell into disrepair but was eventually restored and received a royal consecration on November 6, 1986. The temple was originally known as Wat Pratu Phi, which translates to Ghost Gate Temple, a name derived from its history as the final resting place for prisoners executed at the present-day Wat Mahathat. The abolition of capital punishment led to the temple being renamed to something more auspicious, hence Wat Pratu Dao, or Star Gate Temple.

It is believed that Luang Phol was responsible for the creation of Wat Pratu Dao’s principal Buddha image during the temple’s original construction. This was particularly significant given the temple’s former use as a site for executing and disposing of prisoners’ bodies. The Buddha image served as a spiritual anchor for the monks who resided there and for the local community surrounding the temple.

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Following the merit-making and fortune-opening ceremonies, participants lit auspicious candles to divine lucky numbers for the upcoming lottery draw. The number that emerged from the ritual was 640, sparking excitement and anticipation among those present, reported Sanook.

The reverence for Wat Pratu Dao and its Buddha image is deeply rooted in the local culture, with many believing that such rituals can bring them luck and prosperity. The temple’s transformation from a place of death to one of hope reflects the local community’s capacity for reinvention and finding positivity in their heritage.

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