Indian national accused of theft in Pattaya

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An Indian national found himself in the grip of Pattaya Immigration on Thursday following an accusation of theft from his employer.

The theft amounted to 100,000 baht and a tablet. The Indian man confessed that he had exhausted all the stolen funds on self-gratification.

The accused Indian national, known by the family name Palliparambil (first name withheld), faced charges from his previous boss, Dawood Saudhi, who runs the Delm Mar apartment. Saudhi claimed that Palliparambil had taken the mentioned items.

The formal accusation was lodged against Palliparambil on January 18, leading to his apprehension on March 7. It is believed that the Indian national was employed by Saudhi at his apartment during the occurrence of the alleged theft.

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Upon the search, Pattaya Immigration officers located Palliparambil in an apartment situated in South Pattaya. The arrest was executed by a group spearheaded by Police Lieutenant Colonel Kawinawat Arayasuriwong, the Deputy Chief of Chon Buri Immigration. They intercepted the Indian as he was exiting the building. He was then informed of the charges against him and escorted to his apartment room, where related documents were discovered, reported Pattaya News.

Palliparambil stated that he had spent the money on leisure activities. With the evidence in hand, he was handed over to Pattaya Police Station to face further legal action.

In related news, a Danish national made a tearful plea at the Samut Prakan Provincial Court, denying accusations of theft involving a high-end Celine handbag and five other items. The crime which unfolded three months after the Danish man, Jesper Jensen’s arrest at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, took a surprising turn during his first formal hearing on Monday, February 19.

In other news, a 22 year old German national made off with 86,000 baht from a hotel counter in Patong, Phuket in January. The brazen thief couldn’t resist flashing a cheeky grin at the security camera before vanishing into the night.

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