Parent’s tutor requirements spark online debate over Rajabhat University

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Social media users have been divided over a post by a parent seeking a tutor for their seven year old child but specifying that they mustn’t be a graduate from Rajabhat University.

The post, which was shared in a Facebook group for finding home tutors, sparked a flurry of criticism and debate, with some accusing the parent of belittling the educational institution.

The controversial post was shared on December 9. The parent, looking for an English tutor for their seven year old, stated:

“Looking for a home tutor for English. The child is seven years old and is located in Si Racha. I want someone who didn’t graduate from Rajabhat, everyone else is fine.”

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The online community was quick to respond, with opinions divided into two camps. One group was critical of the post, viewing it as a slight against the institution. Comments from this group included inquiries as to why the poster looked down on Rajabhat graduates, expressions of surprise and disappointment, and defences of the university’s reputation.

The other camp defended the parent’s right to specify the qualifications they desired in a tutor. They argued that the parent had a right to clear and specific preferences to save time for both parties. Comments from this group ranged from affirming the parent’s right to choose, dismissing the issue as non-controversial, praising the parent for being clear and direct to save time for both parties and questioning why the post was considered problematic when the parent was simply exercising their right to choose.

Facebook page admin steps in

The group’s administrator also weighed in, supporting the parent’s right to specify their requirements. According to the admin, the more detailed the initial post, the more likely it is to attract suitable candidates and save time. The admin also added that it was not about disrespecting any institution, as many organisations have human resources departments that screen applicants based on their educational background, reported Sanook.

The administrator explained that different people have different expectations, and it is not about looking down on any institution. They further pointed out that many organisations, including the one they had previously worked for, screen candidates based on the institution from which they graduated.

In their experience, a department that required advanced language skills exclusively hired graduates from Chulalongkorn University, Thammasat University, ABAC, or foreign universities. The administrator urged users not to create drama over the issue, asserting that the parent was not in the wrong for stating their requirements.

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