Over 100 drug stores in Thailand operating illegally, some without pharmacists

Photo via Thai FDA Facebook page

More than 100 drug stores across Thailand have been found to be operating illegally, some without licenced pharmacists and required certificates, according to the Commander of the Consumer Protection Police Division. Authorities arrested 127 drug store staff and seize more than 350 items.

According to Thai media, the CPPD received a report from the Food and Drug Administration saying that many residents complained that some drug stores operate without certificates. Some staff, who were not licensed pharmacists, reportedly offered sleeping pills, drug sets, anti-allergy pills, and other drugs that can be dangerous if not taken correctly. Selling prescription drugs without a proper licence violates the Drug Act B.E. 2510 (1967) and the Pharmaceutical Profession Act B.E. 2537 (1994).

During the investigations, authorities 17 drug stores were arrested for operating without approval, and 199 store staff were arrested for working without pharmaceutical proficiency. Some drug stores were also offered drugs with psychotropic substances, which also violates the Narcotics Act.

SOURCE: Thai News Agency

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