QR code can now replace a physical driver’s licence

PHOTO: DLT QR codes have replaced physical driver's license. (via Legal Services Hua Hin)

The Department of Land Transport is getting modern, introducing a QR code people can keep on their mobile phone to replace a physical Thai drivers licence. Drivers will be able to screenshot a “DLT QR licence” and use the image of the QR code as a substitute for any sort of physical card.

The process to get a QR code as a licence is to bring your traditional licence to any DLT branch office. There a motorist can change a traditional licence to a smart licence that has a QR code linked to it. Then the new version of the licence can be scanned and uploaded online to be verified with the DLT database.

Once the licence, front and back, has been scanned or clearly photographed and the information is shown to be clear and readable, it can be verified online and used as a replacement for a physical card. The QR code stored on a driver’s mobile phone or another device can then serve as a substitute for any driving or traffic-related identification.

But with the new technology comes an additional added bonus, as driver’s licenses are often used as identification verification. Printed copies of the DLT QR license screenshot in colour or black and white can be used in place of the driver’s licence card for any time a government agency requires a valid ID. A copy of the image can be submitted with documents instead of a copy of a physical card.

The new QR enabled cards will be issued for all new licenses, but old traditional licenses will still be valid for the foreseeable future according to the DLT.

“Traditional driving licences can be used until they expire, after which they will be replaced with a smartcard upon renewal. Those who hold the lifetime driving license can use their traditional licence for as long as they like.”

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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