Heroic off-duty Pattaya worker douses cable flames

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The bustling streets of Pattaya bore witness to a heroic act on Monday when a vigilant city worker prevented a potential catastrophe. The worker, holding a part-time job as a motorcycle taxi driver, sprang into action when he saw flames engulfing overhead cables in Central Pattaya’s Soi 16.

The hero of the hour, Chalatorn Moryathai, was alerted to the danger by the frantic calls of nearby residents. Discovering the flames on communication cables 5 metres above the ground, he perceived the imminent threat of the fire reaching the nearby air conditioning compressors and causing an explosion.

Without a moment of hesitation, Chalatorn procured a fire extinguisher from a resident and attempted to douse the flames. However, the extinguisher’s pressure fell short of reaching the fire. Undeterred, Chalatorn rushed to an adjacent building, ascended to the second floor and, from the window ledge, successfully put out the fire. His timely intervention averted the fire from spreading to the neighbouring homes.

The public lauded Chalatorn’s selfless act, praising his readiness to act even while off-duty and engaged in a part-time job. The commendable city worker attributed his quick thinking and sense of responsibility to his six years of training as a city worker and a strong dedication to public safety.

Chalatorn’s supervisor, Sergeant-Major Sawate Peumpool, applauded him for his exemplary service, reported Pattaya News.

Chalatorn, he revealed, is a part of the Jomtien district public safety team, which comprises 31 officers. This team is tasked with maintaining safety within their designated areas.

In related news, a relentless blaze has been challenging firefighters in Prachinburi as they work tirelessly to extinguish a landfill fire that has been burning throughout the night. The sprawling fire, spanning over an area exceeding 17 rai with mounds of garbage more than 4 metres high, has caused significant distress to locals due to the smoke and foul odour affecting three subdistricts.

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