Nontha Buri local raises health concerns after feeding an army of birds

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In a startling spectacle that has riled residents of Nontha Buri, a local in a townhouse village has been regularly feeding pigeons in front of his home every morning for the past year. This action sparked concern among locals, as the germs and mess generated by the birds have posed health risks to many residents in the area.

Today, reporters went to Chai Wiwat 4 Village, Bang Krasao, Mueng District, Nontha Buri Province. They found a townhouse community of about 22 homes on both sides of the soi. In the middle of the soi, around 200 pigeons were flying and perching, waiting for food in front of 68 year old Tee’s residence.

They discovered bird-dropping streaks alongside the curb of the street. Meanwhile, some residents put up signs saying, “Don’t feed birds in front of my house.”

Officers from the Nontha Buri Municipality arrived at the scene and documented photo and video evidence but their warnings to Tee were ignored, claiming he did nothing wrong.

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Nearby neighbours, including young children and patients, are disturbed, fearing disease transmission. Tee claims that dirtiness is a phrase created by the villagers, claiming that he takes personal responsibility for cleaning up the area.

Self-proclaimed samaritan

“I will clean up because I am a responsible person who helps animals. I feed the birds around 8.45am, giving them about 2 kilogrammes of seeds each time, only once a day, and I clean everything up. I have goodwill and take responsibility for the area. Those who don’t like it make up phrases like dirty or disease.

“If I don’t feed the pigeons, where will they find food? If you’re afraid of disease, protect yourself by wearing a mask and washing your hands. For now, I’ll wait for a court order prohibiting keeping or feeding birds before I’ll stop.”

One neighbour’s plea to Tee was met with comments labelling him heartless and narrow-minded. Villagers have filed multiple complaints with the municipality. Officials have come to take photos but no progress has been made since around October of last year.

Another neighbour, a lung cancer patient expressed his concerns, pleading for authorities to take action.

“I have terminal lung cancer, I want to live longer. [Tee] says god told him to feed the birds. He’s a Christian and says the road belongs to god,”

Tee’s wife echoes the statements of the villagers, stating that her stubborn husband tunes out all the verbal abuse from the villagers, ignoring all the warnings made by the community, reported Daily News.

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