Northern Thailand: National Police Chief resolves longstanding conflict at Wat Hiranyaram

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National Police Chief, Sukhawimon Thotsakdi, better known as Big To, led a team to Wat Hiranyaram, also known as Wat Luang Por Ngern Bang Klaan, in Phichit province, aiming to resolve long-standing conflicts.

Joined by Jaroonkiat Pankeaw, the Commander of the Central Investigation Bureau, and Phumisak Kasemsuk, the Secretary-General of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, they arrived at the temple around 2pm.

Inviting over 200 volunteers, they approached the temple’s closed gates, where Big To used a loudspeaker to address the crowd. He encouraged everyone to overcome their differences and engage in dialogue. He asked the community leader, Supa, who is also the president of the Bang Klaan Temple Conservation Organisation, to open the temple gates.

Once the gates were opened, Big To’s team, accompanied by Phra Kru Pisutthiworakarn, the abbot of Bang Klaan Temple, entered the temple and proceeded to the Luang Por Ngern Bang Klaan Shrine. A committee of 18 people, consisting of former abbots and current abbots, paid respects to the cast image of Luang Por Ngern enshrined on the shrine.

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Phra Phrommoli, the caretaker of the chief patriarch of the region and the abbot of Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen in Bangkok, delivered a sermon to those who participated in the Big Cleaning Day event. This was a significant event as it was the first large-scale cleaning in nine years after a long-standing problem, reported Sanook.

In an interview afterwards, Big To stated that the police force would not withdraw from the temple immediately. Instead, a portion of the police force would remain to ensure peace within the Wat Luang Por Ngern Bang Klaan until no further problems arose.

Big To also revealed plans for a mass ordination project in the auspicious 72nd year of His Majesty the King this year, with police officers being ordained at Wat Luang Por Ngern Bang Klaan.

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