Nan FC youth players allegedly brutally attack 17 year old in Thailand

Photo via Chiang Mai News

Several football players from Nan FC’s youth team in northern Thailand allegedly beat up a 17 year old and left him for dead at a petrol station on Sunday.

At 1.30am on Sunday, 17 year old Somchai (pseudonym) was found badly injured and unconscious on the floor in front of the PT gas station at Sai Sawan Intersection in Mueang district of Nan province.

Around seven people, allegedly football players for Nan FC’s youth team attacked Somchai and stamped on him until he was unconscious.

The injured teenager was taken to hospital where he remained unconscious for a whole day and also sustained a broken jaw, broken arm, broken teeth, and bust lip.

The attack was allegedly over a recent altercation in a pub near the Mueang Nan Police Station.

Somchai was out drinking at a pub with a few friends when he asked a young woman, accompanied by a group of 10 footballers, to toast glasses with him.

The footballers were not happy with Somchai, followed him into the bathroom, and tried to start a fight. However, his friends stopped any fighting from breaking out and the two groups went separate ways.

Later, Somchai received a message from one of the footballers asking to clear the air at a nearby PT station.

Somchai arrived to find around seven people waiting for him who physically attacked him until he was unconscious.

A resident from a house nearby told the police that he witnessed the attack. The witness heard the sound of people arguing and secretly watched.

The witness said he saw a young man punch Somchai at the intersection and try to escape. Then, a group of teenagers ran out from behind the PT gas station, punched Somchai until he fell, and continuously stamped on him until he passed out before fleeing the scene.

Somchai’s mother said she will fight for justice until her son’s attackers are prosecuted. The attackers outnumbered Somchai who was alone and they still attacked him until he was seriously injured, she said.

The footballers are supposed to be representatives of Nan province but have no sportsmanship at all, she added.

Police said they don’t know who the perpetrators are at this stage. They are waiting for Somchai to heal before he can testify. Police would also be investigating why the pub is allowing kids under 20 years old to drink there.

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