Mystery woman accused of drugging young girl to steal gold necklace

Photo via Channel 3.

A 13 year old Thai girl filed a police complaint alleging that a woman she met in Mueang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok, drugged her and tried to steal her gold necklace.

The victim’s mother accompanied her daughter to file a complaint at Pak Kret Police Station at 5pm yesterday, October 24. The mother told Channel 3 about the incident that happened to her daughter the day before, October 23.

The teen’s mother explained that her daughter wanted to be picked up from outside a shopping mall in Mueang Thong Thani instead of school because she wanted to spend time with her friends. Upon her arrival at the mall, she discovered her daughter standing on the footpath opposite the mall with a woman aged between 40 and 50.

The girl ran across the road, got into her mother’s car and soon after began to vomit. Her mother initially attributed it to illness rather than anything else.

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The girl told the mother the whole story of how she got sick when they got home. According to the girl, she met the woman while waiting for her mother outside the shopping centre. The woman approached the girl, wrapped her arm around her waist and rubbed her arm before asking for a bus terminal location.

The girl said that the terminal was across the road but the woman did not let her go. She urged the girl to accompany her to the terminal. The girl refused to go with the woman because she was a stranger and looked suspicious.

Suspicious woman

The girl explained that when the woman touched her arm, she smelled a strong and unpleasant odour and felt dizzy. She did not know when or how the woman had taken her across the road. The woman tried to lead her to an isolated place but she noticed her mother’s car and ran away from the scene.

The mother believes that the woman tried to drug her daughter to steal her gold necklace.

The mother added that the police officers refused to process the case because she had no evidence. Officers urged her daughter to have a medical examination to determine the substance on her arm but the girl had already washed it off.

The mother insisted the police investigate the woman further. She spoke to vendors and mall staff in the area and they confirmed that similar incidents had happened several times at the location.

The girl’s mother revealed she eventually gave up on the case because the investigation process required a medical certificate and further complicated steps.

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